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Bills Mafia Poll: Where does Josh rank among Bills QBs?

After a monster game against WTF, where does BillsMafia rank Josh Allen among quarterbacks in Buffalo Bills history?




After a rocky start to his 4th season, Josh Allen exploded for 350+ yards and five touchdowns against the Team With No Name. Along with winning the game, Allen passed a lot of milestones on Sunday. He scored his 100th Touchdown as a Bill and now has the most rushing touchdowns by any Bills QB in the team’s history. Josh is now at the point where his resume is bountiful, but how does his Bills career compare to other Bills QB’s thus far? I went to Twitter to see where Bills Mafia ranks Josh Allen amongst All-Time Bills Quarterbacks. Let’s take a look.

Results ranked from 4th to 1st

4th Best (.02%)

Out of 420 people, one person voted for: Josh is the 4th best QB in team history. While that may seem outlandish to some, let’s at least look at it. Looking through this lens of ‘4th best, ’ Jim Kelly is ahead on #17, but who else? Joe Ferguson is a name that comes to mind. However, in his 12 seasons with Buffalo, he threw 190 interceptions to only 181 touchdowns. Ferguson wasn’t the main aspect of the offense, as OJ Simpson practically ran the team. Fergie had some success from 1973-1984, making the playoffs three times but only won one playoff game. Allen has already surpassed that. Another player that could be argued is cereal-box-man himself, Doug Flutie.

3rd Best (5.2%)

Couple more votes here, but not a lot at all. Let’s get into Doug Flutie, as he’s (maybe) the only other player I would put ahead of Josh, other than Jim Kelly, at the moment. Flutie had a weird football career. He came to the Bills in 1998 at the age of 36, having not played in the NFL since 1989.

In his short three-year tenure with Buffalo, he was very successful. He and Wade Phillips made the playoffs twice and brought fun football back to Buffalo. Flutie was a fan-fav league-wide and, truthfully, was pretty damn good. He went 21-9 as the starting QB for the Bills. Flutie could attack defenses both through the air and with his legs. Essentially, Doug Flutie walked so Kyler Murray could run. Due to his age, however, and missing the playoffs after getting eliminated early in the previous two years, he didn’t come back to Buffalo, and the Flutie/Buffalo duo died out. Still, through 4 seasons, I would rank Josh ahead of Flutie and by a lot. Maybe if Flutie had played longer or won a playoff game, then I would consider it, but for the time being, Josh Allen is no. 2, let’s get into why.

2nd Best (67.7%)

⅔ of all Mafia Members think Josh is second best to Jim Kelly, and I agree. Both Jim and Josh were physical beasts and were a part of very potent passing offenses. Kelly and his Bills’ teams were extremely successful, as they went to four straight Super Bowls, winning none. I think that is the perfect set-up for Josh’s legacy. Do what Kelly couldn’t, give this hungry fan-base a Lombardi steak, then, you’ll be the best QB in Bills history, and hell, Jim Kelly would be the first to tell Josh. 

The Best (26.8%)

This is what I like to call the “relevancy clause.” Yes, Josh was a runner-up for MVP last year and led the Bills to a 13-3 season. He also just had a Player-Of-The-Week type game against WFT and has the rest of the league on the edge of its seat for what he will do next. But Jim Kelly was and is an all-time great. Some consider him the greatest QB to not win a ring. He had statistical highs of 3,800 yards, 33 TD’s, and finished second in MVP voting in 1991. Right now, Jim Kelly is probably two tiers above Allen, but if Allen can hoist the Lombardi at any point in his career, QB1 will be his title forever.

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