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Bills Mafia Poll: Is Dawson Knox the Long-Term Tight End?

It has been a breakout season so far for Dawson Knox in 2021. This begs the question: Is Knox the long-term Tight End for the Bills?



Dawson Knox

Dawson. MF. Knox.

Last week, Dawson Knox had one of his best games sporting a Bills jersey. He had five catches for just under 40 yards and two touchdowns. Knox has been great all year. He currently has 15 receptions for 144 yards and four touchdowns. Not bad for a guy that all of Bills Mafia questioned this off-season.

In a press conference after the Bills’ 40-0 rout of the Texans, Knox addressed that. He made a point of keeping his mind grounded and not worrying about what the media or the front office thinks. He cares about winning games and getting better. Now that most of Bills Mafia have seen his amazing production thus far, many people have changed their tune. So, this week, I went to Twitter to ask Bills Mafia one simple question: Is Dawson Knox the staple Tight End for years to come? Let’s look at the results.

‘Yes’ (92.1%)

And there’s the answer. 92% of 750+ people like Dawson Knox. They see him as a focal point of this team for the next 4+ years. In the off-season, there was a ton of talk about upgrading at Tight End. Many were looking for a ”playmaker.” Jonnu Smith was rumored in free agency before New England picked him up. Veteran options such as Jared Cook or Jimmy Graham were also discussed. When the draft came around, tons of Bills fans wanted guys like Pat Freiermuth or Hunter Long. That didn’t happen either. Then, following the draft and free agency, everyone and their mother wanted the Bills to trade for former All-Pro Zach Ertz. Of course, that didn’t happen.

I think this boils down to one simple thing: the Bills love what they have in Dawson Knox. Buddy does his job. Other than playmaking, Knox was knocked for his blocking ability in his first two years. However, Knox has been a prolific run-blocker this year. He seriously has been a top-8 run blocking Tight End this year. This is huge. People often dislike Knox due to a lack of production. However, he is balling in the role given to him. He’s the fourth receiving option on this squad, maybe even the fifth. We don’t need to see Knox having 8+ receptions, 100+ yards, and two scores. The Bills have other weapons that can do that and more. My point is, Knox has been unbelievable in the role given to him, and it’s that type of play and commitment that will open up his opportunities in future seasons.

I was a hater of Knox, and I’ll be the first to admit it. In past seasons he’s struggled with drops, run-blocking, and comfortability on the field. He’s now excelling in all of these categories. Knox has done enough and more to keep this roster spot, and I’m excited about all the Prom Pic touchdown celebrations we’ll see between him and Josh Allen as the Bills establish themselves as Super Bowl favorites every year for multiple years.

‘No’ (7.9%)

There are a handful of Bills fans who think Knox isn’t the option. This is warranted but a stretch, in my opinion. Knox has had some bad blunders in past seasons, and the idea of upgrading at Tight End to add another elite receiving option is very tempting. I think the people who voted “no” on this poll don’t necessarily have a problem with Knox. They just think the Bills can upgrade this position.

Knox’s payday is coming up soon, and if he’s asking in the realm of 6-8 million per year, the Bills might have to look for a different Tight End. Regardless of such, Knox has played great against sub-par talent. I’m so excited for him over the coming weeks, as he gets a chance to establish himself as an up-and-coming Tight End on the global stage against Kansas City. Go toe-for-toe with Travis Kelce. Establish the Allen-Knox connection as a lethal one, then, Knox will get the respect he deserves, and 7.9% will dwindle to 0.

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