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Buffalo Bills Game Day Playlist: Week 2 @ Miami

Want a great playlist to bump to on Sunday? We got you covered. Check out my Bills playlist for this week’s game!




BOA – Duvet

This song perfectly represents how the Mafia and I feel after week 1. Lyrics such as: “I am fallen,” “I am drowning,” “I have lost it all” were my exact thoughts following a defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh. This will be the only sad one, I promise.

Jay Rock – WIN

This week’s expectations. Screw everything else, JUST WIN!!!

Westside Gunn & Benny the Butcher – George Bondo

Once again, what is a Buffalo-inspired playlist without these two legends. Anyways, Gunn & the Butcher comes in with a snarly, succeed by any means attitude, as well as talking about coming up in Buffalo. The Bills come up story was last year. Now it’s time to produce. PLAY THE BUTCHER IN THE LOCKER ROOM!!!

Blues Brothers – Going Back to Miami

God loves The Blues Brothers. In this song, they talk about going back to Miami to see their (or his, I guess) girlfriend. Our girl is Tua Tagovailoa, as he will gracefully offer interceptions as a peace-offering since last seeing him.

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

A cliche song, but it’s cliche for a reason. The Pegulas should get in contact with Steve Perry and see if he’ll re-record the song but say “Billievin’.” But seriously, though, everyone was freaking out following the loss to the Steelers, don’t panic, sit back, grab a Labatt, and jam to Journey as Josh hangs 50 on the ‘Fins.

Miami Sound Machine – Can’t Stay Away from You

Relating the Bills to famous artists such as Gloria Estefan’s lovers is going to be a common trend. As much as she can’t stay away from or control her beloved, she learns through the song that she needs to trust (the Bills) and know that they’re going to make the right decisions.

Pitbull – Give Me Everything

What’s Miami without Mr. Worldwide? An overrated sports city? Yeah… Anyways, this is what I imagine McDermott wakes up to in the morning. He wants everything from his squad, and they better give it to him. After all, if Buffalo falls to 0-2, there might not be a tomorrow…

Trick Daddy – Let’s Go

This song is essentially the football song of America, and being that Trick Daddy is a Miami native, this song just had to be included. Everyone alive has heard the hook, and while it’s annoying, it gets me hyped. So think of a slow-mo Josh shot of him coming out of the tunnel while this song plays.

Danny Brown – Ain’t It Funny

One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists, Danny Brown, is a hilariously talented rap freak. The beat on this song was like if Wu-Tang dropped their boom-bap drumline in a deep fryer. The song is about how he thinks people have forgotten about him since he hadn’t made music in a while. Essentially “Ain’t it funny how it happens” is a testament to Twitter morons calling the Bills a sub .500 team.

Flying Lotus – Dead Man’s Tetris

One of my favorite technicians in the music industry, Flying Lotus is a wizard production-wise. This sounds like a redemption song. One of the key lyrics in the song is “Hold up, hold up, I bet you thinkin’ that we die,” which is a great testament yet again to the Bills attitude to the rest of the league. Guess what, THEY’RE NOT. Bills by 500,000.

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