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Apparently, the NFL is quite popular in Wales



I have recently moved to Wales. I went from living in a fairly large city to a remote, rural seaside town. Quite a big change for me. I’m surrounded by fields, mountains, and, obviously, plenty of sheep.

So, it was surprising to learn that there seems to be a large NFL fanbase here. Plenty of my work colleagues watch the games or have family who does.

Unfortunately, there are no Bills fans. Even more unfortunate, there are plenty of Dolphins and Patriots fans.


Given the fact that the Dolphins have played in London more than a few times, it isn’t entirely surprising. But still, the Dolphins? Out of all the teams they could be supporting it had to be the Dolphins and the Patriots?

Despite the obvious difference of opinion about the best team in the AFC East, it brought forth a lot of conversation about football and the NFL in general.

The NFL is slowly growing its UK fanbase, with Sky Sports now even broadcasting a special NFL channel to cater to our football needs. However, to be able to converse with people who actually understand the sport and being able to have discussions like this was incredible.

Especially when they talked of their experiences. Given that I haven’t exactly been a life-long Bills fan, I, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), don’t have much experience with the history of the club. I’ve never been able to watch a game live and in person. I’ve never sat in the bleachers covered with snow. Nor have I ever been to a tailgate.

So, talking with these fans gave me an insight of what I was missing out on. I can only imagine how much better the talk will be once I actually meet a Bills fan.

For now, I will have to make do with the opponent. But at least I now have a group of people to watch games with.

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