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Antonio Brown Is Beyond Triggered And Now He’s Gruden’s Problem



They say if you don’t have an enemy, make one up in your head. It’s a motivational tactic. That’s exactly what Antonio Brown has done with the Buffalo Bills.

Since acting like NFL’s god gift, Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane spoke out regarding the situation where it seemed as though AB was calling shots. Was he? Probably not. Beane on PFT Live said he wasn’t even close to a deal that would send Antonio Brown to the Bills. An agreement could not be made as the original report per Ian Rapoport was probably somewhat accurate. Talks were real, but not anywhere near completed. With the buzz of an all-pro receiver on the move, many media outlets assumed the deal was closer than reality.

The NFL is a crazy business where life comes at you fast. Brown’s posting of memes and comments regarding the situation is pure ego driven. It looks as if Bills’ dodged a bullet as the headache may not be worth the reward.


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Let’s not pretend fans don’t say awful things to celebrities and sports athletes, but there are some things that can get you in trouble at work no matter who you are. There’s a sense of hilarity that ensues when a multi-millionaire athlete gets triggered, off most likely a teenage fan who dabbles in trolling. Are Bills fans happy yet the trade didn’t materialize?


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Is there a trend here, or is it just me? Lets make something clear, the Raiders most likely will not be better than the Bills this upcoming season. Antonio Brown isn’t getting any younger and Jon Gruden is now tasked to manage the mega ego of Mr. Big Chest as he enters the twilight of his career, on a losing squad. Cheers to disgruntled, triggered diva wide receivers who probably know they just messed up their possible Hall of Fame career.

By the way, the Bills travel to Vegas in 2020 to take on AB and the Raiders. Bills fans may already have that one circled.