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And now, Efe Obada

Last week I shared why I was so excited about Christian Wade. However, with his injury my focus turns to the other Brit on the Bills roster: Efe Obada.




Dealing with a shoulder injury, the emergence of Antonio Williams, and Isaiah McKenzie’s roster spot just about locked up, it’s becoming less likely that Christian Wade will make the roster, unfortunately. (No matter what, though, I will continue to hold out hope).

However, all is not lost for British Bills fans. While Wade may not make the roster, almost all predictions have Efe Obada making it. Providing the Bills with some much-needed depth at the defensive end position. He’s been making his presence known at camp. He was unbelievable in the preseason opener against the Lions, so it’s not unlikely.
Obada can ball. And I’m 100% here for it.

The Panthers defensive line sustained many injuries in 2020. Obada got an opportunity to play a lot in in 2020, and he did not disappoint racking up 5.5 sacks, 15 QB hits, and 4 tackles for loss. The Bills picked up someone who’s reliable in uncertain situations.

But what I love even more than his apparent on-field talent is the person he is off of the field.
It’s no secret. Obada’s journey to the NFL has been riddled with obstacles. But he works hard, gives it his all, and most importantly, loves to be in Buffalo. Evidenced by his jovial presser last week. There’s not much more you can ask for. He embodies the culture that Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane have been building for a few years now.

What’s more, his addition to this Bills squad has amped up British Bills fans’ excitement for this upcoming season. The popularity of the NFL is on the rise here in the UK, so to have yet another British player signed on the Bills is huge.

There could be a possibility that the Bills will have 2 Londoners on their 53-man roster, and I absolutely cannot wait.

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