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Josh Allen throws out first pitch at Blue Jays game



Buffalo Bills QB1, Josh Allen threw out the first pitch on Thursday for the Blue Jays game. Not only was he a star football player in high school, but he was also a pretty good baseball player. He pitched for his high school team in Firebaugh and was pretty successful when playing.

High School Baseball career

Josh Allen had 21 appearances as a pitcher during his high school career. Of those appearances, 13 of them were starts and he recorded seven wins. He pitched for over 68 innings and had an ERA (earned run average) of 2.05. This means that he allowed a little over two runs per nine innings pitched, an impressive mark for a high school pitcher. In total, he had 76 strikeouts and 84 batters faced. Meaning that he was able to strike out most of the batters he pitched against. Also, Allen threw around 90 mph in high school! This is extremely fast for a high school pitcher, the average for a pitcher at this level is around 75-80 mph.

Difference between throwing a football and a baseball

Throwing a baseball is a little different than throwing a football. There is a different throwing motion when pitching. When throwing a football, a player will come over the top and use more of the shoulder and upper arm muscles. For a baseball, the muscles used are more in the back and around the elbow. He still has arm strength and the ability to pitch. Allen joked about throwing the ball out of the stands and said that he wanted the ball to hum as he pitched it. I predicted that he would throw around 93 or 94 miles per hour when he stepped out to the mound. And, while there was no official speed released, local newscaster Claudine Ewing noted the speed at 101 mph.

Reactions after the Pitch

Josh himself seemed disappointed in his pitch. There was a mixed reaction from the fans after he delivered the pitch. The main knock against his pitch is that it bounced to the plate. Personally, I do not believe this matters and it was still a good thing for Buffalo sports. In the stadium, the fans seemed to enjoy seeing their QB send out that pitch. Some other reactions were that people respected him for throwing it like a real pitcher from the real mound. People were impressed to see this because, normally, when a guest throws out a pitch they either lob it into the catcher or have a wild pitch that doesn’t come close to the mark.

The people of Buffalo love their sports teams and love their players even more. Even with only having a minor league baseball team, the Bisons have dedicated fans. And there has been no shortage of fans who are supporting the Blue Jays during their time in Buffalo. Everyone in Buffalo was excited to watch their QB throw out the first pitch as he is the first Bills player to throw the first pitch in the MLB. And Josh did not disappoint.

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