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Adam Gase: Shaking Up the Game!



The New York Jets lost their 11th consecutive game of the 2020 season against division rivals, the Miami Dolphins, on Sunday with a score of 20-3.

But Adam Gase is far from calling it quits this season. He is shaking up the world of offensive play-calling and leaving fans and viewers baffled–I mean, stunned–in the process.

How so? You might ask. Well, in the NFL (National Football League) every team has an offensive coordinator who calls plays. In some cases where the head-coach is an offense-minded genius (see: Gase, Adam or Reid, Andy) they may have an offensive coordinator or an assistant that they call a coordinator so they feel special. Adam Gase and Dowell Loggins are the latter.

It’s nothing new…which is why Gase felt he needed to shake things up for his offense and the football world. How so? You might ask. Oh, you already asked that? Sorry. I forgot. Anyway…

Adam Gase has taken his game to the next level. In a 18-10 nail-biting loss to the Buffalo Bills Adam Gase surrendered play-calling to Loggins. Something that has not been done in I don’t know how long because I don’t care to look it up.

Since then, the one who has been calling plays has been a bit of a mystery…until it wasn’t…and then it was again. During a postgame presser (which is what we call a “press conference” in the biz, which is what we call “the business” in the biz) Gase revealed that Loggins had been calling plays in recent games. Reporters asked when in particular Loggins was doing so since they had spent much time observing Loggins during the game and he appeared to be not calling plays at all (that’s how uninteresting Jets games are. Reporters are just staring at Loggins instead of the actual game like some boring science experiment). Gase stated that he did call some plays during 2-minute scenarios.

So Adam Gase has not been calling plays…except for when he is… Cool. Got it.

Why the lack of transparency about who the play-caller is? Because FUCK YOU, that’s why! Gase is a genius. Peyton Manning had only won a single Super Bowl before working with Gase, now he has TWO. Anybody can win one Super Bowl (see: Flacco, Joe and Dilfer, Trent). With the 31 other teams in the NFL you know exactly who’s calling plays. Why is that? Might as well tell everyone what you had for lunch and how much you pay for prostitutes while you’re at it.

But it doesn’t stop there, Buck. Gase is doing even more to throw a wrench in his future opponents’ game plan strategies. Gase announced that not only is he not going to reveal who’s calling plays for the Jets, but he’s not even gonna reveal the plays to the Jets offense until they need to know, which he says will likely be on gameday, just before the play is about to happen.
“I just think we need to be careful. I can’t risk players leaking our plays or gameplan to our opponents. They obviously like to lose, unlike myself, so I’m going to make it more difficult for them.”

When asked how practice would unfold, Gase said practice would continue as usual.

“The players will still show up two days a week to throw around the football and just goof off as usual. Thursday will still be our free time day where a lot of the players play Madden or hang out in our arts and crafts room. They just won’t know what plays we’re gonna run on Sunday or the game plan.”

Bill Belichick, who the Jets still have to play one more time this season, was asked how this will change how he prepares for the Jets in the future:

“It won’t. I really don’t care.”

Jeramy Allen is a contributor for Buffalo Fanatics. He co-hosts the Bills Overdue vidcast with Max Underhill every Saturday. You can follow him on Twitter @BFF_Jeramy.