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Buffalo Bills

A Running Diary: The First Round of the NFL Draft, Part I



7:31pm: Almost the start of the draft! Literally a year of build up all condensed into one chaotic weekend, filled with tons of smoke and Mel Kiper hair gel. Rumors have been flying about the Bills trading up to pick number #3 for Quinnen Williams. Time will tell.

8:00pm: Over/under time for the actual first pick being made? 8:14pm?

8:07pm: Yikes, 8:14pm is not even close. We’re still getting commercials.

8:11pm: Bills fans are not one to talk, but I’d be sooooo uninspired seeing Marcus Mariota up there while contemplating next years first round playoff loss.

8:13pm: LET IT BEGIN! It’s gotta be Kyler Murray after all that smoke right?

8:16pm: Murray wouldn’t of made it this far without learning how to not take hits. Really talking his ability to death at this point.

8:24pm: I really want to be excited, but where there’s smoke there’s fire. This has been brewing for months. Cardinals hitting the full reset button.

8:27pm: Deion with the hair-plugs!

8:30pm: Another doozy of a surprise. Now the real fun begins- let’s see if the Bills are real about moving up.

8:40pm: The Jets draft someone with braces! Seriously though, RIP to the Quinnen Williams dream.

8:48pm: OH WOW! Even with the other Josh Allen on the board, the Raiders took Clein Ferrell, a player expected to go late in the first round. Get Beane on the phone(s)!

8:56pm: The slide of the other Josh Allen continues! Is McBeane on the phone yet?

9:01pm:Eli Mannings clone is drafted by the Giants! Drafting him over Haskins is questionable, but who cares! The Bills will have their pick of top prospects.

9:08pm: And the slide ends just like that. Plenty of elite prospects left on the board right now.

9:14pm: Matt Patricia got his Gronk. With all these elite prospects on the board, the Bills have their pick. Let’s see if Beane is on the phone trying to move back, or if he has his guy.

9:18pm: The pick is in, and Beane has his man.

9:20pm: NO SMOKE! They’ve been enamored with Ed Oliver the entire offseason and the draft fell in a way that they got their guy. I think most Bills fans love this pick, and can’t wait to see how he replaces Kyle Williams. He had so much swag strolling to the podium and is a complete “process guy”. Interior pressure is king in the new NFL. Love it.

9:26pm: The first trade! What could the Steelers possibly be plotting here? Jonah Williams? Montez Sweat?

9:28pm: Annnnnd neither of those guesses were right. Steelers trading up for their replacement to Ryan Shazier. From here on out, it’s about seeing if Beane is aggressive enough to trade back into the first.

9:31pm: The Bengals have drafted an SEC player every year for 20 years!?! What a crazy stat.

9:34pm: Make it 21. Jonah Williams is off the board.

9:40pm: Rashan Gary quickly follows Williams- do the Dolphins select a quarterback?

9:46pm: The Dolphins make a solid long-term pick, but leave tons of great prospects on the board. PLEASE tell Bills Mafia that Beane is working the phones right now.

9:51pm: Jawaan Taylor is still falling! What a crazy turn of events.

9:59pm: Quarterbacks keep getting taken. This could be an exceptional draft for the Bills if they get back into the back of the round here.

10:01pm: Brian Burns gets drafted before Sweat and the fall continues. Let the second half begin!