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A Draft Night Letter to the BillsMafia

Please, BillsMafia, read this before draft night.



NFL Draft

Dear BillsMafia

With the draft just about 24 hours away, it’s a time of tremendous excitement, hope, and anticipation. After months of buildup filled with mock drafts, rumors, and twitter beef, the Bills pick will reveal itself around 9:30 (or whatever time) tomorrow night. I know that many of you probably have a “draft crush” as well as a player that you are praying that the Bills don’t use their first-round selection on. It’s impossible not to. Whatever happens Thursday night let this be my only advice to all who read this:  whomever the Bills draft Thursday night, it is our duty as members of the BillsMafia, to welcome him with open arms and get behind our beloved team. 

You probably remember last year’s draft and the anticipation of finding out who would be our quarterback of the future. For months fans went back and forth about who they wanted the Bills to draft, and who was the one quarterback we were dreading the Bills would take? Josh Allen. And yet, the Bills traded up in last year’s draft only to choose… Josh Allen. Many fans were upset with the organization’s inability to see past the obvious bust potential of Allen, and I’ll admit,  I was one of those fans myself. 

Spring turned into summer and minicamp turned into training camp, which turned into the preseason, which turned into the regular season. As one led to the next, we, the BillsMafia, became more and more enamored with our quarterback. By the end of last season, we all watched Allen dismantle our division rival, the Miami Dolphins,  and finish the game with five touchdowns. Most now feel that we have ourselves not just a quarterback, but the franchise savior.  The anger and resentment we felt on draft night has been replaced with excitement and hope for the 2019 season.  

Why do I bring this up? In all likelihood, some of you will be unhappy with the front office no matter who is chosen to be the newest Buffalo Bill.  Please, fight the urge to complain and call every sports talk radio show in the 716, 585 and 315 area codes, and instead welcome and get behind the newest member of our family. Get over it if the Bills didn’t draft “your guy” or they drafted the “one guy” you didn’t want them to draft. What makes the BillsMafia so great is how much we love this team and how much we love these players. So, let’s make it our goal to ensure that not long after the Bills make their first-round selection,  we show our guy why he is truly blessed to have been chosen by our beloved Buffalo Bills.

Respect the process,  

Just a fan from section 237

Mitch Broder is a contributor for The Buffalo Fanatics. To contact him, email him: or tweet him @mitchell_broder