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Josh Allen’s 2020 Ceiling

As Josh Allen enters his 3rd season in the NFL, I wanted to discuss what I believe his ceiling is for the 2020 NFL season.



Entering his 3rd year with the Buffalo Bills, Quarterback Josh Allen has proven many of doubters wrong. A large number of analysts said he could never transition to the NFL, and fortunately for Bills fans, that is exactly what Allen has done.

The Stats:

Of course, he has a lot of room to grow, but taking a quick look at his statistics, it’s evident that he took a step forward in his second season, passing for over 3,000 yards, throwing 20 touchdowns and only 9 interceptions, Allen managed a solid 85.3 rating. This is definitely better than his rookie season, throwing over 2,000 yards (granted it was in fewer games), and tallying 20 touchdowns versus 12 interceptions, taking him to a mediocre rating of 67.9.

The important thing to note here is that in just two years of NFL experience, Josh Allen has clearly shown that he is not only a hard worker but someone who can be taught. His most significant flaw has always been (and continues to be) his passing accuracy. However, it has also improved from year one to year two, and I believe this will continue to trend in the right direction in his third season with the team.

My Prediction:

So those are the facts. But what does that all amount to? I believe it should make any analyst or fan see the potential he has in the NFL. He evidently has raw talent, and with a quality team around him, I believe he can take a leap forward in his third season, making him a top-15 quarterback. Of course, he must stay healthy for this to happen, but assuming he remains healthy, he can certainly throw for over 3,500 yards, and rack up 25+ touchdowns and keep his mistakes to a minimum, throwing for less than 10 interceptions.