Impact of Jamal Adams Exit from the AFC East

On Saturday evening Jamal Adams was traded from the New York Jets to the Seattle Seahawks for first round picks in 2021 and 2022, a third round pick in 2021, and starting safety Bradley McDougle.

Here are five thoughts;

Thought #1 This is a win for both teams. Joe Douglass impressed with his first draft in New York hauling in the likes of Mekhi Becton and Denzel Mims early and cornerback Bryce Hall late. He now has plenty of draft ammunition to work with heading into 2021 and 2022. Seattle, who doesn’t have much luck drafting early, adds a franchise player that could help them win a Super Bowl while their franchise QB is still in his prime.

The New York Jets draft was widely acclaimed, here is a full list of their selections.

Thought #2 A trend seems to be following New York Jets Head Coach Adam Gase throughout his various stops in the NFL. Just like in Miami, Gase is alienating cornerstone players to the point where they ask for and are granted a trade. In Miami they finally realized Gase wasn’t worth the hassle. Will Joe Douglass eventually have to make the same decision? Or will his previous relationship with Gase make this a different situation entirely?

Thought #3 Sam Darnold was a top ten draft pick in the same year as Josh Allen. While he has shown promise he has not delivered the wins like Allen has in Buffalo. Many will point to his supporting cast and head coach. However, Gase didn’t draft Darnold he inherited him. Gase has a way of playing Jedi Mind tricks on NFL front office personnel to retain his employment. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Gase creates a successful narrative that the issue is Darnold and not himself. The Jets now have the ammunition to chase Trevor Lawrence in 2021 or Kedon Slovis the top NCAA QB in 2022. Would the New York Jets really bail on Darnold so early? It is certainly possible.

Seattle made this move to put the best possible roster around a franchise quarterback they believe in. The Buffalo Bills made a trade for Stefon Diggs because Allen is a franchise QB under a rookie deal they believe in. The New York Jets seem to be doing everything they can to kick the can down the road and waste Sam Darnold’s rookie deal.

Thought #4 The New York Jets depth chart on defense is rather pathetic on the boundary. People point to the interior of their defense as a factor for overlooking that. Players like Quinnen Williams, CJ Mosley, and Jamal Adams wreak havoc up the middle forcing quarterbacks to panic allowing the weaker players on the boundary not to be picked on as much. With Adams out of the equation the safety trio of McDougle, Marcus Maye, and rookie Ashtyn Davis is very good. That being said, they are not the impact players Adams is. More opportunities will present themselves for opposing offenses.

Thought #5 Adams may very well have wreaked havoc on the rest of the NFL but he surely didn’t do so against Buffalo. He never lived up to the promise of “catching plenty of passes” from Josh Allen. Maybe this is a huge negative for the Bills because whomever they draft will have a bigger impact vs Buffalo than Adams ever did.

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Goodluck prez, we’ll miss you in the AFC East 💐

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