Women of the Buffalo Bills: Interview with Mrs. Tammie Phillips (Horrible Harry’s Mom!)

Interview with Harrison Phillips’s Mom!

As a Mother, I truly understood and appreciated all of the extremely insightful tidbits that Mrs. Phillips offered, and quite generously, too. She was more than happy to talk with me about everything, and I was more than happy to hear all about it.

There are so many great memories from when Harrison and his Sister, Delanie Rose, were growing up, and we laughed together as she recounted them. It was such a joy to hear about what a wonderful childhood they had and how Mrs. & Mr. Phillips facilitated that.

And Mrs. Phillips has so much BuffaLove for Bills Mafia, the organization, and the players! It was extremely heartwarming to hear about how the players that have helped mentor Harrison have become some of his best friends along the way. She shined a light on them, as well as everyone who helped Harrison get to where he is today, and I thought that was pretty special.

Do yourself a big favor, and have a listen because you’ll fall in love with Harrison all over again…. and you’ll fall in love with his Family, too!

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